Sunday, July 26, 2015


Penis Glans Rings


PURCHASE GLANS RINGS HERE!!We’ve never met or chatted, but I wanted to let you know how you saved my life last week.
Over a year ago I had a vasectomy and I was one of the unfortunate ones who developed permanent testicular pain. The doctors have a lot of jargon for it, but seeing as nothing they tried worked I’ll just call it hell. A living breathing hell. My days were a routine of crawling back into bed after getting my kids to school, getting some liquor on the way to pick them up from school, and demolishing said liquor once everyone was in bed. All the time trying a new set of pain killers or a new set of anti inflammatories hoping that my pain would lessen somehow. It was like being kicked in the balls every day, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
6 month ago I had a reversal. After a month most of the pain went away. I was left with a niggling pain, and the fact that due to the vas being stretched ever so slightly I’d get an occasional twitch when the testicles moved around. They just didn’t hang right, and they hung a little high in my scrotum, so they ached a little.
Life was still better, much better, but a side effect of 9 months without sexual activity was erectile dysfunction. Not for anything associated with the vasectomy or removal, its just that for 9 months the pain overpowered any sexual stimulation. I didn’t want sex, I didn’t get erections, the pain just wasn’t worth it, it was aversion therapy at its finest. I was trained not to get erect.
One week ago was an important night for my wife and I, and in the morning I noticed a Monster GLB cock ring I purchased from you about two years ago sitting on the shelf. I thought anything was worth a shot so I put it on in the shower that morning hoping to add a little fun to my day and the night with my wife.

That day, and this last week of my life has been enough to make me cry. I’m having spontaneous erections 6 or 7 times a day, the cock ring takes up the slack in my scrotum so the niggling pain is gone. My wife and I are having a sex life again. I haven’t taken the ring off once.I’m not sure what you wanted to achieve when you set-up a website to sell unmentionable stainless steel contraptions to go around men’s bits, and I’m pretty sure saving the sex life of a fat 38 year old Australian wasn’t one of them. But that is what you have done for me and I wanted to let you know.
You saved my life. Thankyou.