Friday, August 16, 2013

Male Chastity Devices: Under Lock and Key

Chastity devices restrict or give limited access to the cock, masturbation prevention, sexual intercourse, oral stimulation and/or orgasm, made to cause pain if an erection is achieved.

They are designed so that the wearer can urinate, shower and go about daily routines without removing removing the cage. The wearer is unable to touch nor stimulate his penis. Some devices are designed to force milking on the unwilling. Example would be a chastity cage designed for E-Stim 
( electro-stimulation ) like the one you see below.


Impure thoughts shall be the chaste mans biggest challenge.
One has to ask them self, why male chastity? Giving yourself up for total submission? Giving control of your physical pleasure, not to mention your psychological being to someone else. The keeper of the key. Those are a few of the things you should be asking yourself and thinking about before just slapping on a cage. Is this style of life for you. After all, its the cock that defines the man.

Within the vast realm in the World of fetish there are a variety of applications for a chastity device.
Most devices are designed to lock in some sort of way.The key-holder can now have total control over the wearer’s cravings for sexual release You can purchase such devices to suite your needs with different varieties to choose from.
Surgical Stainless Steel has always been a favorite of mine.

Lets give thanks to the Victorian inventors motivated by overprotective parents to ensure their child remain chaste and fully flowered. Back in those days virginity seemed to hold some sort of value.

So whether its role playing or a style of life, you still have a choice. Use common sense and when wearing a chastity device long term or short term, make sure the device you choose is comfortable.

Orgasm denial for men is the ultimate control. When us men have a build up of seed it makes us aggressive. I have heard stories of how football players are encouraged not to release/cum prior to a game and stories of how they are watched to make sure no seed is spilled so to speak. The same is true for the Prison system in this Country. I personally think they should let those guys, nothing like adding fuel to the fire. As long as they are not doing it publicly, let them blow their wads. Down size to a no mess policy. In the Bible it states that to spill seed is a sin. So dont let it hit the floor, swallow, dont spit? The Bible also states that man shall not lay with man but makes NO mention of two chics together. HHHMMMMMMMM.......Food for thought.