Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ball weights and Ball Stretchers. Every man should give it a try!!!

Every man has to try ball stretching or at least the benefits of wearing weight on your scrotum. I myself love the way the Perfect O tugs down on my sac as I walk about my day. Wearing it under my clothing and no one is the wiser. Of course to feel the full effect of what I speak of, baggy or loose clothing is a must.
cock_ring_perfect_o_ball_weight copy.jpg 

When used correctly, Ball Weights are effective devices and wearing them can be very satisfying, both physically and emotionally. Many men report that ball stretchers enhance their sexual pleasure.
To ensure this, and to avoid pain, discomfort and potential injuries, there are some guidelines you should follow.
An excellent technique for attaching weights , rings, stretchers, etc is to put them on in the bath or right after a hot bath or in a hot shower. Your body will try to keep your balls at a temperature 1 degree below your body temperature, so when you are in the bath or otherwise hot, the muscles in your groin relax and let your balls hang lower.
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Don't wear the weights for too long in the beginning. Give yourself rest periods in between stretching. Eventually you will want to wear them all the time and some men wear them in their sleep. I don’t because Im definitely a ruff sleeper and don’t want to damage the boys.

It will only take a few days to a week before you notice they have stretched.
If you have any discomfort or your balls start to be painful take off any weights, rings, or stretchers. Remember, you balls are attached inside of the scrotum (nut sac), so you are stretching more than just skin. Remove any devices immediately if your balls or Cock start to feel cold to the touch or change color. 
Weight method is always best for stretching the ligaments, muscles, veins, and arteries inside the testicles.
penis_plugs_ball_stretcher_ball_weight_360 copy.jpg 
After you have been stretched, you will notice that in the cold they will shrink back down again. When it is hot you will notice that they dangle lower than ever before.
Tips and Guidelines
Warmth and relaxation are extremely important for successful ball stretching. This is the only way to ensure perfect comfort and optimum results. In the shower always works best for me with any Cock cage or weight, or stretching device. Soap works great as lube and washes away after you put on your device. Be careful not to drop it and damage your tube, shower, or device.
Remember: Ball weights should not cause any pain or discomfort. If you experience any of these problems, you should take your device off.
Pain and Discomfort?
As stated above, pain and discomfort should not be part of ball stretching. Even though it might seem extreme or painful, ball stretching is actually a pleasurable activity. If you experience pain or serious discomfort it’s a sign that something’s wrong. Pain is the way the body tells you to stop what you are doing. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.
There are some minor problems you’ll probably encounter, such as a stuck hair, pinched skin or a minor irritation under the stretcher. These things happen, and you can usually prevent them by keeping the pubes trimmed and a little lotion rubbed into the areas of the sac where the weight rest most.
Ball weights of different sizes and designs are perfect for ball stretching and other types of ball play. There are so many ways to enjoy ball stretching, from the feeling itself to the final results of long, big balls hanging low. Not to mention when fucking your woman from behind in rhythm will result in spanking the Clit. On her back, smack the Asshole…You get the idea. I love it when my weight and balls are yanked on while getting my Cock sucked really hard.
That’s not all, though. Quality ball weights are much more than simple stretchers and they can enhance your sexual performance. Not to mention they are a perfect addition to any kinky play. These scrotum toys give intense, unique feelings you’ll love to experience.
Ball Weights Variety
There are numerous ways to achieve perfect ball stretching and find the balls weights that suit you perfectly.
Typically, a ball weight is worn above the testicles and it provides a perfect pressure.
penis plugs ball weights crystal(1) copy.jpg 
There are many different types to choose from, depending on the effect you want to achieve and all the sensations you wish to experience.
penis_plus_ball_weight_glans_ring 2 copy.jpg 
Ball weights are not only functional but they also look great. Visual stimulation is very important for these types of devices so the design is very important. Shiny and polished ball weights look incredible when worn. There’s also added visual stimulation of stretched testicles.

Both you and your partner will enjoy some intense testicle play with quality ball weights.
Some of the best ball weights are made to achieve double function: scrotum stretching and intense sensations during wear.
Ball weight make testicles more sensitive to touch and manipulation, so they are ideal for kinky games and prolonged pleasure.
The material is also important. The best types of ball weights are made of steel and they can provide the most intense stimulation. Donut ball weights provide a perfect design that will not only stretch the balls but also press all the right spots.

Still, those who prefer a more intense play and a tight grip around their balls should go with ball weights and stretchers made of Stainless Steel. You simply can’t go wrong with them: they are sturdy, durable, and they provide the most intense sensations imaginable.
Intense Sensations
Pick your favorite lube and start playing around. Enjoy intense sensations ball weights can bring. You may also use them for training your testicles to stretch more and more or to enjoy heavier weights. Ball weights are perfect toys for those who enjoy the idea of scrotum play and ball manipulation.
Beginners to more experienced users will sure enjoy high-quality surgical steel weights, made to apply a strong pressure and achieve the most intense sensations.

High Quality German Surgical Stainless Steel ball weights and ball stretchers. Choose between donut weights and more complex, two piece ball stretchers.
Hanging Weights
There are many different weights you can use, depending on your preferences and experience level. It’s important to go slowly, especially if you are a beginner, and add more weight only when you are perfectly comfortable with it.

59 gram

70 gram

105 gram

130 gram

There are many different types of metal ball weights you might want to try. Some of the best ones are made of surgical steel. This is a an excellent, body-safe material. It’s smooth so it won’t damage the skin, so you can wear your ball weights with perfect comfort. Stainless steel is a safe material that doesn’t irritate the skin and it doesn’t cause allergies, so you know you are safe while wearing ball weights made of surgical steel.
When it comes to designs, all ball weights are made to be worn on your scrotum, usually above the testicles. Depending on the height, a ball weight may resemble a ring, a donut or to be made in another comfortable shape.
Many metal ball weights are two piece made to ensure the best comfort and effectiveness. These ball weights consist of two parts and they are worn directly above testicles. These stretching devices are specially designed to provide targeted ball stretching and they can be adjusted perfectly.
It’s vital that you find a ball weight that fits you, and this is why measuring is so important. When choosing a metal ball weight, there are several things to take into account. First and foremost, internal diameter. After this, pay attention to the external diameter, weight and the design you want.
Another advantage to this type of ball weights is that they can be worn combined with other weights, so you can always add pressure and adjust the amount of weight you wish to apply. This way, you can have more rapid results and more intense stimulation, in case you wish to use ball stretchers for sexual purposes.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Different Types of Penis Plugs and Urethral Sounds for different tastes and moods.

The plug is the original and where it all started. 
Carefully designed by me with the perfect orgasm in mind. 
Many men and woman adore this type of stimulation and having something inside their Urethra, piss hole.

The best thing about a penis plug is that it can heighten sexual pleasure when inserted into the urethra. It’s also a great sight: watching objects entering the Urethra feeling the sensation as it disappears inside you. It looks, and feels amazing. It is one of the most popular designs to date.
My design, name, description, and even my pictures of me holding it in my hand with my Trade Marked COX tattoo totally visible is constantly stolen. This seems to be popular amongst the pirates that just want to ride me piggyback and copy everything I do. DMCA people!!!!! I will have your website docked and locked.
Food for thought…… 

Jewelry for the Cock!!!
Wearing a penis plug provides excellent feelings. A beautifully crafted plug adorned with a Swarovski crystal makes great penis jewelry, cock jewelry and many men have built whole collections of various penis plugs and urethral sounds from my wears.

( Most penis plugs on the market are not made of good steel. Just because it is stainless does not mean it is good to use in the body. 
Most stainless penis plugs in the market are made from 410 stainless.)

 All the Penis Plugs and Urethral Sounds that you will receive from, a division of Demented Visions LLC, are crafted from the Highest Quality German Surgical Steel so they are sturdy, perfectly smooth and beautifully designed to last forever with proper care and storage.

Some come with stainless steel glans ring and others come with rubber glans rings and for those that can self-retain, no Glans ring at all.

All of these designs themselves are intriguing and visually stimulating. 
It’s not surprising this penis jewelry has become so popular.
At the same time, these types of penis plugs are so much more than creative decorative jewelry. They provide unique sensations and feeling of fullness for the man as well as a woman.

A nice Urethral plug can add a lot to your solo play, kinky sessions or sex with a partner.
During masturbation, traditional plugs provide deep stimulation you won’t be able to experience with any other type of a sex toy on the market.

It truly feels like you are stimulated from the inside out. Once a man or woman experience these feelings it becomes very addictive in a good way.

Finally, Penis Plugs, Urethral Plugs provide unique and striking visual image. Some plugs can imitate the look of a Prince Albert piercing without actually being pierced.

This can add to a visual stimulation during sex for both the wearer and his partner.

 Different Types of Penis Plugs Urethral Plugs.

Penis plugs, Urethral Plugs, and Urethral Sounds come in a wide variety of shapes, 
sizes and designs. 
Some have the thru-hole for bodily functions while others are solid.
There are special, starter plugs made for beginners who wish to try this type of stimulation for the first time. 

On the other end of the spectrum there are very large and massive plugs made for experienced users who have taken many years to stretch the Urethra to accommodate these MONSTER sized chunks of steel.

Your choice of plugs will depend on your preferences, desired sensation you wish to experience and your comfort/experience level. There are so many types of penis plugs so you can easily find the one to suit your needs perfectly but most have a few to use based on the mood.

Some of the most popular types of penis plugs include:
Solid plugs. These are the simplest when it comes to design and they are often suitable even for beginners. They are smooth and don’t have any texture or a central hole.
Plugs with a thru-hole. These plugs contain thru-hole to allow for urine and ejaculate to be passed without taking the plug out.
Plugs with a glans ring. These plugs come with an attached Glans ring. The ring serves several purposes. First of all, it keeps the plug in place. It also provides some tight grip around the penis for added stimulation.