Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Glans Rings and Cock Rings!!!

Glans rings 
Incredible accessories made to enhance a man’s Orgasm. 
Glans rings are carefully designed to add more weight and definitely a little bounce when worn under clothing during your everyday routine. Glans rings allow penis head to become harder and more pronounced, as well as more sensitive with an erection. Nothing better than a engorged Glans ( Cock Head ).

 Glans rings are more than just sweet ass jewelry for the Cock . Glans rings truly hit all the right spots and make Fucking more satisfying for both partners.

Different Types of Glans Rings

A glans ring is a special type of a cock ring made to be worn around the glans (Cock Head). It is typically adjusted just under the penis head, so it provides a nice grip and additional stimulation while wearing under your cloths and walking about throughout your daily routine.

There are Sold ring type Glans rings and open face or Horse shoe types.
 The added ball stimulates the Female G-spot or the Male Prostate when fucking!!!



Glans rings are easily put on or taken off with a little soap in the shower. Warm water makes the penis more pliable and easier to work with.

Glans rings can be used alone or in a combination with Cock rings. They can be paired with regular cock rings or ball rings, or cock cage.

This elaborate Cock cage above is made to hold the whole penis, from balls to the penis head.

Glans rings are often used in a combination with penis plugs. Penis plugs are great for urethral stimulation. Many of them include a glans ring. Such a glans ring serves two purposes: it aids in self retention of the Penis Plug and it provides additional stimulation for the wearer.
Custom Glans Rings

Glans Helmets


How to Use a Glans Ring

Typically, a glans ring is worn under the Cock head when the Cock is flaccid or fully erect. For easier wear and removal try the shower technique mentioned above. At the same time, make sure that the ring is tight enough so it provides a perfect grip and doesn’t go off on its own. You don’t want your glans ring to slip off during sex or masturbation. This is why proper fitting is important.

How to Fit for a Glans Ring
Proper fit is very important. For a conventional cock ring, here's how to measure: First get hard, then take a string and encircle it under your balls and up around the top of the penis. Pull the string until you have a SNUG but comfortable fit. Mark the string on both sides where they meet. Take it off and measure between the marks. A tailor's measuring tape can also be used, if you happen to have one.
Divide this measurement by pi (3.14) and you now have the inside diameter of a ring that will fit you well. Here are some examples:
If you measure 4 inches (102mm), then your size is 1-1/4 inches (32mm).
If you measure 4-3/4 inches (121mm), then your size is 1-1/2 inches (38mm).
If you measure 5-1/2 inches (140mm), then your size is 1-3/4 inches (45mm).
If you measure 6 inches (152mm), then your size is 1-7/8 inches (48mm).
If you measure 6-1/2 inches (165mm), then your size is 2 inches (51mm).
If you measure 6-3/4 inches (172mm), then your size is 2-1/8 inches (54 mm).
If you measure 7 inches (178mm), then your size is 2-1/4 inches (57mm).
If this is your first ring, and you appear to be between 2 sizes, go with the larger size.
While you are still hard, or even if you aren't, use the same technique for two more measurements: first around just your penis at the base, and then just behind the glans head. You will really enjoy the new Designer Head and Shaft Rings, if you haven't already. They're loads of fun to wear for decoration alone, but create exponential excitement when you're swelling and swollen.

Additional Tips

• A glans ring should be tight, but not uncomfortable. If you ever experience pain or if the ring stops your circulation altogether, make sure to remove it immediately.
• Never leave your glans ring on for too long. You need to give your penis some time to rest.
• Both circumcised and uncircumcised men can wear and enjoy glans rings; your circumcision status will not prevent you from enjoying.
• Glans rings made of surgical stainless Steel are the best because they provide the best grip and the most intense stimulation. However, make sure that you use Stainless Steel. Any metal that turns the skin green is definitely not something you want on your Cock!!
• The appropriate size will depend on the individual. We are all so different in size and shape that what works for me may or may not for you.
• If you are a beginner user, start slowly and be patient. It’s important to get used to the sensation and to learn how to put on the glans ring properly.
Glans rings are special penis rings worn under the glans of the penis. Unlike typical cock rings, made to be worn around the base of the penis (or testicles), a glans ring is worn around the head of the penis.

Just like any other cock ring, a glans ring will provide a pressure around the penis, making it more sensitive and harder. A glans ring is specially designed to make a penis head harder and more sensitive to touch. While this doesn’t help with a Hard On, it will make the head larger and harder, which will in turn make fucking more pleasurable for the wearer and his partner. It will also make orgasms more intense.

A glans ring is a cock ring positioned around the Cock head. Therefore, almost any regular cock ring can serve as a glans ring. You may use flexible rings or sturdy, metal ones.

However, there are also some rings specially made to be used as glans rings. These rings are made to fit snugly around the penis head. This provides the most comfort for the wearer and his partner during intercourse.

Penis Plugs with Glans Rings

Glans rings also come as part of other types of sex toys, most commonly penis plugs. A penis plug is attached to a glans ring so a wearer will have to both insert the plug into the urethra and position the ring around his penis head.

Glans ring has two functions in this type of toys. First of all, it is made to help keeping the penis plug in place. Urethral muscles work on pushing the plug out, so the ring will prevent it. The second function of the ring is to provide the additional stimulation for the wearer and a more pleasurable experience.

Many penis plugs have a thru-hole in the middle made for bodily functions.

Using a Glans Ring

Here are some quick tips on how to use a glans ring:

  • The perfect fit is very important, so make sure to find a ring of the appropriate size. You need to know how to measure yourself for a glans ring.
  • While the fit should be snug, your glans ring should not prevent circulation completely. Make sure to wear a ring that will allow blood circulation. If your Cock head changes color, turns blue, or is cold to the touch. Discontinue use.
  • Never leave your glans ring on for too long.
  • Both circumcised and uncircumcised men can use glans rings. Uncircumcised men can choose to wear the ring with the foreskin retracted or not.